About Geotechnopolitics

Hello, I’m Patrick Zhang, the author and founder of Geotechnopolitics.

I am a strategic analyst at a global technology company. Before joining my current employer, I worked for the Chinese Foreign Ministry for 11 years, including nearly five years at China’s diplomatic missions overseas. At the headquarters of the Chinese Foreign Ministry in Beijing, I worked as a legal adviser for United Nations legal affairs from 2015 to 2018. Afterwards, I had the privilege to lead China’s international negotiations on the rule in Cyberspace as a director till 2021.

I am also a Non-Resident Senior Fellow of the Shanghai Association of Artificial Intelligence and Social Development (SAASD) and a Fellow of the Digital Economy and Law Innovation Research Center of the University of International Business and Economics of China (UIBE). Both of them are esteemed Chinese think tanks in the field of digital regulation and AI governance.

Geotechnopolitics is a publication that looks at interactions between technology and geopolitics. The two have a long, intertwined history. Geopolitics has become a critical factor impacting the operations of global companies. The development of technologies, in turn, upended geopolitics many times. In this era, we are shocked by the unprecedented interactions between the two and their huge impact on both the tech sphere and the world order. My research focuses on this unique phenomenon and hopes to record, introduce, think and input regularly. I will also take advantage of my expertise in China’s tech governance and introduce China’s latest developments in this area.

I founded this newsletter as a personal project. All content represents my personal view. My current and past employers take no position on issues raised here.

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Interactions between geopolitics and technology have never been more frequent and impactful than in this era. The newsletter focuses on the phenomenon and introduces interesting things about China's tech governance and its competition with the West.


Non-Resident Senior Fellow of the Shanghai Institutes for International Studies(SIIS), SAASD, and CCG; Now a policy and law analyst at a global technology company; CIPP/E certification holder.